Pressure Washing Testimonials

It went GREAT. Arrived at the agreed upon time, worked hard all day and left no mess. Wife is a master gardener and our yard is beautifully garnished with hundreds of flowers of many varieties. They did all their work without damage to any of the flowers or vegetables and berries growing in the garden.

Roger Hull

He was really professional and helpful. I purchased the deal prior to measuring the driveway. He provided a quote via e-mail and let us know what the additional charges would be. He was extremely responsive and polite. He is someone that we would call back in the future.

Jean McElmore

They did a great job on the deck with no help or supervision, then for the front walk worked with us to do exactly the job we wanted while we helped to shield the plants bordering (and dripping over) the walk

Paul Pierce

Portland Gutter Cleaning Reviews

I have a two story house and they cleaned all of the gutters. They did a great job and even took before/after pictures to show me the quality of the cleaning. The service was excellent. The team that arrived were very professional and efficient. I would definitely use them again.

George Saeed, Portland, Oregon

They arrived on time. went straight to work. Were friendly and courteous


Very professional on time, every window turned out perfect. They were in and out in a very professional manner.

Dennis Splain

It went extremely well. Because I work during the week, it was hard finding a day for the crew to work, so they came out on July 4th, which was extremely helpful for me. The guys were efficient, polite and did a great job.

Kathy Schultheis

they washed the windows I had requested inside and out and did a walkthrough to let me approve the cleanliness the young men were punctual and polite. They were careful in my home of carpets, furniture, curtains, etc. They did what I had ordered and took me through their work for my approval. the supervisor who scheduled the appointment was also very helpful, returned calls and texts promptly and scheduled a time that was good for me. Great work! I will use them again

Nancy Barns

Provided a variety of cleaning services for 5 homes in our community, including window washing, roof cleaning, and power washing.

The team led by Tony provided excellent cleaning service to our group of 5 homes, with every one of the homes giving a thumb-up. Window cleaning, when done right, makes a huge difference. I think the key perspective coming from the homeowner’s point of view is to allow the crew the time and range they need to perform the job. This is a very detail-oriented job. It should not be rushed, and I recommend homeowners to make some arrangement and acommodations to make the job easier for the crew.

It’s a very tough job. I highly appreciate they quality of work they performed. This is a highly professional company with an admiring crew. Again, I recommend establishing good communications with the lead, and allow some flexiblity, then you will get unparallel quality of work coming from them.

John Lobo